Zeiss Microscopes – A Comprehensive Guide

Formed by Carl Zeiss in 1864, Zeiss is a leading name in the world of microscopes. In its humble beginnings, Zeiss produced only simple light microscopes, a stark comparison to nowadays where Zeiss’s microscopes specialize in light, ion, and electron but also offer a complete range featuring high resolution and x-ray microscopes.

Zeiss is a renowned company, leading innovation and a number one choice among science professionals. Still, selecting a model that suits your needs can be a difficult and time-consuming task, so keep reading for a rundown of the most popular Zeiss models.

Zeiss MicroscopeBest ForOur Rating
ZEISS Pimovert NA condenser10/10
Zeiss Stemi Stereo Microscope23mm FOV8/10

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#1 ZEISS Pimovert Microscope

This premium choice is a prime example of a high-end model from Zeiss. This inverted microscope is one of the best professional microscopes you can get and provides amazing results.

Inverted microscopes are different to upright microscopes because the light comes from above the stage and the objectives are below the stage facing upwards.

The purpose of this microscope is that it allows you to easily examine tissue and cell specimen in larger containers in both bright field and phase contrast, as opposed to just the usual glass slide.

The microscope comes at a 45-degree angle so that you can have a bigger field of vision when examining the scope. The longer working distance condenser allows easier examination of larger flasks or of smaller dishes, which is great if you want to observe larger samples such as cell culture in a petri dish; it will allow you to adjust your instrument accordingly.

The only real negative about this scope is the price tag. At such a high price, it is far from an affordable scope. However Zeiss is one of the leading, professional brands, so is only usually recommended to professionals including researchers and clinicians who need such a powerful microscope. Students and beginners should definitely find a microscope, which is a lot easier on the pocket.

You really do get what you pay for with this piece and the asking price is nothing for a top quality professional microscope that’s also ergonomically designed.

#2 Zeiss Stemi Stereo Microscope

To show you how high-end Zeiss products are, this is an upright Zeiss microscope popular with the university and postgraduate students and classrooms.

In fact, this model is perhaps the most common Zeiss model out there and has been referred to as the education microscope.

It is filled with features that make it ideal for classrooms or training situations, as a result, in my view, it is definitely the best student microscope that I have reviewed. This scope has amazing capabilities, including an integrated 1.2MP colored camera and a Stemi 305 capable of connecting to any Wi-Fi router.

The product promises that students should be able to easily master microscopy and begin sharing photos of their results wirelessly. The samples can be visualized in full 3D and the product will even come with ready-made samples, so once your product has arrived, you’re ready to go.

The only negative is the huge price for a student microscope when most student microscopes are substantially more affordable. Regardless, this microscope is far superior to them in terms of technology and capabilities, but it definitely isn’t suitable for everybody’s pockets.

Zeiss Buyers Guide

The most interesting part of Zeiss’s long history began at the end of the Second World War when Germany became divided. When the division occurred, it wasn’t just Germany that was divided, it was Zeiss’s two factories. Running on either side of the Iron Curtain, both factories were forced into operating independently of each other until 1991.

Zeiss is a brand, renowned for its ability to innovate and create. In 1999, Carl Zeiss became the first manufacturer of a wide field digital imaging system, something that put them ahead of the competition. Their best selling standard microscope was first released in 1950 and has been a symbolic release that has helped the brand gets to where they are today.

Over the years, their Zeiss instruments have been leading scientists in amazing research, allowing them to win many Nobel prizes. The fact that so many high-rated scientists are achieving these results with a Zeiss product shows a lot about the brand itself. Zeiss is chosen by top scientists across the world for a reason, Zeiss produce really high-quality microscopes, which give them everything they need in order to achieve the results they want.

Why Choose A Zeiss Microscope? – It’s The Experts Choice

As all of there top scientists have been using Zeiss microscopes throughout the last 150 years, nowadays scientists around the world are combatting problems such as cancer, infections, diseases as well as energy solutions and ways to help our environment.

Zeiss is always striving to go one step further, to become the best microscope producers in the world.

If you want a product with over 150 years of expertise behind it, then a Zeiss product is definitely for you. Zeiss have strived to create the best quality microscopes in the world- this is why they are widely used amongst the best scientists. Zeiss produce a range of high-quality microscopes, so there is always a Zeiss product to fit your specific needs.

If you really need a microscope that is going to deliver high performance but also is reliable and an extremely high quality, then Zeiss is the microscope brand for you. Zeiss’s products are made using a high level of craftsmanship and the best materials so the microscope can be as effective and useful as possible.

For me, I always found that Zeiss ensured value for money- you knew what you were getting when you bought Zeiss. Zeiss’s products are usually high end, so you are paying for a high-quality microscope that is going to produce the best results. Just like any product, you get what you pay for and opting for a brand like Zeiss might be more expensive, but you’ll know you’re getting a microscope that is worth every penny.

What Should You Look For In A Zeiss Product?

Make sure that the Zeiss microscope is the microscope you need so that its specifications can maximize how useful the Zeiss microscope is for you. Checking out the product specifications can help you with this, or reading other customer reviews to ensure you’re securing the best microscope to fit your needs.

Zeiss offer stereo, confocal, upright and inverted microscopes, so this is a good starting point to selecting the right model for your activities. For instance, you probably want to choose a stereo or dissecting microscope if you plan on working with large working distances and objective fields. While you may want to go for a confocal microscope if you are carrying out biomedical research and require superb resolution and contrast.

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