Zeiss Microscopes – A Comprehensive Guide

Formed by Carl Zeiss in 1846 in Jena, Germany, Zeiss is a leading name in the world of microscopes.

In its humble beginnings, Zeiss produced simple, well crafted light microscopes, in comparison to nowadays where Zeiss specializes in light, ion, and electron microscopes and also offers a complete range featuring high resolution and x-ray microscopes.

Among many notable employees for the company was Ernst Abbe, a physicist who joined in 1866, and later became a partner in the company. His scientific approach advanced the design of microscopes and therefore their usefulness in the scientific community.

His approach also led to the development of many other products within the company.

Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss

Zeiss Microscopes

Through world wars, recessions and depressions, Zeiss has been through many tumultuous economic hardships which have been endured by its ability to be adaptable and inventive.

A the end of the Second World War Germany was divided into West Germany and East Germany. This resulted in Zeiss’s two factories, at Oberkochen in the west and Jena in the East,  both operating independently of each other until 1991. Today Zeiss operates with many subsidiary companies throughout Germany, and globally. Carl Zeiss Microscope GmbH and other subsidiaries are headquartered at Jenna.

Zeiss is a brand renowned for its ability to innovate and create. They released their best selling standard microscope in 1950 – a symbolic release that has helped the brand get to where it is today. In 1999, Carl Zeiss AG became the first manufacturer of a wide field digital imaging system, something that put them ahead of the competition. 

Why Choose A Zeiss Microscope? – It’s The Experts Choice

For over 150 years Zeiss instruments have been enabling scientists to undertake amazing research, resulting in many Nobel prizes. The fact that so many high-rated scientists are achieving these results with a Zeiss product demonstrates the high quality of the brand.

Even today scientists around the world are combatting problems such as cancer, infections, diseases as well as energy solutions and ways to help our environment with the aid of Zeiss products. Zeiss is always striving to go one step further, to become the best microscope producers in the world.

Using a high level of craftsmanship and the best materials, Zeiss continues to produce a large range of very high quality microscopes which is why they are popular within the scientific community. 

If you need a microscope that is going to deliver high performance, is reliable and of extremely high quality, then Zeiss is the microscope brand for you. Opting for a brand like Zeiss might be more expensive but you will be getting a quality product.

What Should You Look For In A Zeiss Product?

When choosing any microscope you need to know what you will be using it for – what objects you will be studying. and where you will be using it? 

Then you need to study the specifications of the microscope, understand how it works, what environmental conditions it requires for optimum performance.

Zeiss offer stereo, confocal, upright and inverted microscopes, so this is a good starting point to selecting the right model for your activities. For instance, you probably want to choose a stereo or dissecting microscope if you plan on working with large working distances and objective fields. While you may want to go for a confocal microscope if you are carrying out biomedical research and require superb resolution and contrast.

When considering the more expensive Zeiss it is even more important that you understand the microscope’s abilities and weaknesses so that you can maximize the usefulness of the Zeiss microscope to you. 

It’s also a good idea to check out the warranty on the product, and more especially the backup service that Zeiss provides when you buy one of their microscopes.

Zeiss Microscope Products