Olympus Microscope – A Comprehensive Guide

Having been established in the microscope industry since the 1920’s, Olympus has a proud and long history.

Interestingly, the company was one of the very first to challenge the European market, and the Japanese owner – Takeshi Yamashita set up the Olympus company with the aim of producing high quality, competitively priced models.

And it worked; today his legacy and well-respected brand of microscopes and cameras continue to innovate and keep updated with the latest technology.

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#1 OLYMPUS Upright Microscope

The upright line is one of the most durable and versatile microscopes that Olympus has to offer. 

The advanced student kit is perfect for anybody studying biology, as it is specifically designed for educational or veterinary institutions.

Students often need items that are portable, easy to setup and most of all durable- this is the perfect item, This microscope is made with a real tough structure to withstand the test of time. It is light, but still incredibly strong.

This microscope is high end and produces incredibly clear images, meaning it is absolutely perfect for those who want to see microorganisms in a there best possible way. This can also be used clinically as well as in education, so it shows just how high of a quality the product is.  It is extremely easy to use, with quick and easy slide changes making sure you are making the most of your time- not spending it trying to fix or set up a microscope.

This microscope also contains convenient handgrips for transportation purposes, which allows the microscope to easily journey wherever it needs to go. With a quick set up and easy to use features, as well as being extremely portable, this is the perfect microscope for those who need to be able to use microscopes away from home, work or school. If it can be transported and set up easy, it allows the microscope to be the ultimate working companion and not a hindrance.

#2 OLYMPUS Stereo Microscope

This Olympus microscope is seriously high performance. The added transmission and reflected light LED stands to allow this to become a microscope that will truly give the best results.

The Olympus SZ61-RT has incredible ergonomic features, which make performing longer tasks easier and altogether more enjoyable.

If it’s easy to use, then it is definitely better than a product that has over complicated itself.

This product is very typical of an Olympus product as it is very trustworthy and reliable. This is a microscope you can guarantee to get the clearest and ultimately the best results on. It is superior, thanks to its incredible technological advances to many other competitors within this bracket.

Most high-end microscopes are expensive because of the features they provide, but although expensive, Olympus microscopes give incredible value to them- and the SZ61TR is no different. It has a strong frame, which is designed to last, and produces some of the highest quality images for work needs. This model features an integrated photo port mount to allow upgrading to meet any photo documentation needs.

#3 Olympus Mic-D Digital Microscope

For education, this is the most budget-friendly of all microscopes.

It is great for individual use, as well as use within the classroom. 

With a USB connector, live images can be streamed onto a computer screen, as well as utilization of the inverted lens design so that specimens of various size and shapes can be viewed with little or no preparation.

One downside to this product is its age, which means that many of the newer Olympus software won’t work on it.  This can create minor problems with the screening process and is ultimately why, although the cheapest option, not the one with the best value for money.

Who Are Olympus, And Why Should You Buy Their Products?

Olympus is one of the leading manufacturers of digital products for medicine, science and industry. They have produced a digital system for every possible need, something that is incredibly important in the world we live in today. The role Olympus has played in creating products, which will allow us access to the world of science on a digital scale, is simply incredible.

Over the years, Olympus has increasingly improved and has constantly strived to renovate in order to move, not only digital technology forward but also science. The role that digital cameras play in our science now is massive and allows us as a race to achieve things that would not be possible without them.

Olympus produce high-end products with price ranges that are exceedingly high. This is because Olympus is not a toy- it is a brand, which prides itself on excellence and creating the best possible craftsmanship.

Olympus was one of the first companies to really challenge the European market. Olympus was formed in Japan to create a microscope capable of competing with the ones dominating the European market.

Its founder was Takeshi Yamashita in 1929 and has continued to grow and develop ever since. It is truly amazing how such a company can develop, adapt and evolve over such a long history to allow it to become such an amazing, world-famous brand that it is today.

Over time, Olympus has had to deal with the changes of the world, until we arrive at the digital age we are in today. Not only has Olympus managed to keep up with its competitors, Olympus managed to become leading pioneers in microscopes and microscope technology. 

The Olympus range has always found a way to make their products extremely useful within society- for example; Olympus microscopes became popular products during the 1970’s for testing and assembly plants- a far change from the laboratories they are used in today. This brand has always been easy to use and has a sturdy, strong design that allows their microscopes to last as long as possible. This has led to Olympus building up a strong support network of loyal customers- those who are willing to spend money to benefit from the product’s dependence.

Overall, Olympus is a brand that you can trust. Its easy customization features and its constant innovations are just what keeps the brand going- the brand itself is remarkably trustworthy as it produces only the highest quality of microscopes.

With an ever-changing environment and world, the use of microscopes and their practicality has changed with it. Olympus microscopes have been around for a very long time, allowing them to change and impact greatly on microscopes and microscopes development.  They will continue to do this, and they will continue to adapt and improve their products to meet the ever-changing needs demands of their customers.

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