Olympus Microscope – A Comprehensive Guide

Having been established in the microscope industry since the 1920’s, Olympus has a proud and long history.

Takeshi Yamashita founded Olympus in Japan in 1919 under the name of Takachiho Seisakusho. The name Olympus was introduced into the company name in 1949 as Olympus Optical Co. [1]

Interestingly, the company was one of the very first to challenge the European market in microscopes, having established the aim of producing high quality, competitively priced models.

And it worked; today Yamashita’s legacy and well-respected brand of microscopes and cameras continue to innovate and keep updated with the latest technology.

Takeshi Yamashita

Olympus is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Digital Products

Olympus is one of the leading manufacturers of digital products for medicine, science and industry. They have produced a digital system for every possible need, something that is incredibly important in the world we live in today. The role Olympus has played in creating products, which will allow us access to the world of science on a digital scale, is simply incredible.

Over the years, Olympus has constantly strived to innovate in order to move forward, not only in digital technology but also in science. The role that digital cameras play in our science now is massive and allows us as a race to achieve things that would not be possible without them.

Olympus produce high-end products with price ranges that match the quality. Olympus is not a toy; it is a brand which prides itself on excellence and creating the best possible craftsmanship.

This company has continued to grow and develop, adapting effectively to consumer needs in a rapidly changing world and  enabling it to become the famous brand that it is today.

Not only has Olympus managed to keep up with its competitors, Olympus has managed to become a leading innovator in microscopes and microscope technology. 

The Olympus range has always found a way to make their products extremely useful within society. For example, Olympus microscopes became popular products during the 1970’s for testing and assembly plants – very different to the laboratories they are used in today.

Why Choose an Olympus Microscope?

Overall, Olympus is a brand that you can trust. Its easy customization features and its constant innovations of high quality precision microscopes are just what keeps the brand thriving.

The Olympus microscope has always been easy to use and has a sturdy, strong design that allows them to last as long as possible. This has led to Olympus building up a strong support network of loyal customers – those who are willing to spend money to benefit from the product’s reliability.

With an ever-changing environment and world, the use of microscopes and their practicality has changed with it. Olympus microscopes have been around for a very long time, allowing them to change and impact greatly on  developments in microscopy.  They will continue to do this, and they will continue to adapt and improve their products to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Olympus Microscope Products

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