Best Microscope Cameras Reviews & Buyers Guide

Microscope cameras allow you to capture everything you view under the microscope in live time, with perfect contrast and super high resolution.

These are ideal for those looking to share their images and videos with ease, whether that be with colleagues, students or other biologists. It is important to be aware that these are a sophisticated piece of kit, you need to be aware of what to avoid and what features you really need to have in order to gain full advantage of this technology.

Top-Rated Microscope Cameras

OMAX Digital USB Microscope Camera

This camera is our premium choice of digital microscope camera. Packed full of quality, this camera delivers outstanding picture quality and is really easy to use. This camera comes right up with no driver issues or complicated setup. All you need to do is pull out your eyepiece, slip the camera in, plug the camera into your USB port and you’re ready to go!

This camera comes with a 14MP digital camera, a 0.5X reduction lens, a CD, user instructions and a USB Cable. The camera is compatible with Windows 8, Mac OSX and Linux. OMAX’s one-year warranty on goods for manufacturing defects also covers this product.

Mustcam Full HD Digital Microscope

This camera is our best value digital microscope camera. Mustcam are a fantastic camera make that specialize in providing top quality features in cameras at a fraction of the price- this microscope camera is no different.

This camera contains amazing features at an affordable price. It has a video output of 1080HD, which provides crystal clear imagery onto a computer or television. This item is perfect for students or those inquisitive of seeing how microorganisms move and behave because the picture that is shown in this video has a truly amazing quality.

The video gives off smooth frames, even in low lighting conditions. The camera allows you to take time-lapse photography, manually adjust exposure, automatic powering off, USB power input and unbelievable clarity on the photographs and videos. The camera adjusts really well to lighting conditions as well as multiple depths.

It is easy to hook up to any sort of screen and just watch and examine. Its image quality and features allow this to be one of the greatest value cameras around.

SVP DM540 LCD Digital Mobile

The budget option on our list, but definitely still a great option. Almost like a magnifying glass, it replaces the traditional eyepieces of a microscope with an LCD screen for easier viewing for you, and to share with others.

This microscope allows you to capture clips and photographs, storing them onto an SD card or transporting them to a computer via a USB cable. It features a 5MP camera and a 4 LED Illuminator with a high-resolution 2.7” LCD display.

The best thing about this camera is how easy it is to just set up and use. It is a very efficient worker and extremely portable- put it in your pocket and you’re ready to go! Why carry around a big, heavy microscope, when you can carry a light and portable SVP, which still captures incredible high-quality videos and photos?

Microscope Camera Buyers Guide

What Is A Microscope Digital Camera?

Microscope digital cameras allow you to view a live image from your microscope directly onto an LCD projector or a computer. This useful tool allows us to share specimens through a computer screen without having to actually look down less and stare at the specimens for ourselves.  This allows biologists to share observations within their experiments by a photograph rather than sketching them out onto paper.

To gain such an amazing photo of specimens so small, it is vital that you buy the right microscope camera. All microscope cameras have a very high sensitivity and they can produce photographs that contain up to 12 million pixels.  Microscope cameras have a lens, which focuses onto an array of sensors, these sensors will then record the image. The cameras are a lot higher end than your average; this can often make them a costly purchase.

Why Buy A Microscope Digital Camera?

Microscope cameras allow us to view a life that we cannot see with our naked eye. There is a real beauty here, as most cameras catch what our eyes see; these capture what our eyes cannot see. With these cameras, we can observe how microorganisms move, how they multiply and how they behave.  Buying one of these cameras can elements of work and play. These cameras can be really great to have fun with. They allow us to explore the world around us; they allow us to examine different microorganisms and how they behave. For kids, they too can look and watch the microorganisms- just like if they were real scientists!

Students use microscope cameras during schooling to learn about there benefits, how to work them and to study microorganisms.

Real scientists around the world on a daily basis also use these cameras.  They allow them to study organisms that are causing disease, that could prevent disease, which are thriving and which are dying.  The importance of microscope cameras is massive; we can watch organisms and prevent illnesses such as infections and viruses.

What Should You Look For In A Microscope Digital Camera?

Pixels- Just like every other camera, a microscope camera with higher pixels will take better quality photos. Microscope cameras are designed to contain a high amount of pixels to take such a high-resolution photograph. The best cameras are the ones with the more pixels, these tend to be the one used in laboratories around the world.

Value-We all want to pay the right amount for a product. Microscope cameras come in all shapes and sizes, some offering more than others do. The best cameras are the ones that give you the most- but also fit your budget! If a camera contains more features and tech spec than a camera that is more expensive, that is when that camera has a better value.

Easy to use- Nobody wants to struggle around and not have any idea what they’re doing. Buying a product that you understand and that is easy to use and get used to is really important. Some cameras can be confusing, especially so with microscope cameras.  Buying a microscope camera that is easy to sue will allow you to understand it better, allowing you to make the most out of your purchase!