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In 1849 Carl Kellner, an inventor and mathematician, established a German company called Optisches Institut to produce lenses and microscopes. In 1869 Ernst Leitz took over the company and renamed it Ernst Leitz GmbH. The Leitz company changed its name to Leica in 1986, the name being based on the first 3 letters of the owner’s surname LEI, and the first 2 letters of the word camera CA. The Leica company has always been at the forefront of microscope development especially in the healthcare and analytical science sectors.

In fact it was Leica Geosystems instruments that were used for measuring the summit of Mount Everest in 2014, so the Leica company truly is a global leader that is trusted by industry experts.

Carl Kellner Founder of Optisches Institut which became Leica

Carl Kellner

Ernst Leitz about 1910 Owner of Ernst Leitz GmbH from 1869

Ernst Leitz

Leica MicroscopeBest ForOur Rating
Leica Microsystems A60FMountable9/10
Leica Microsystems DM300 High Quality Image8/10

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Leica Microsystems A60F Stereo Microscope

This product is exactly the type of microscope you would expect from Leica.

Leica delivers a truly amazing, and  easy experience with this amazing microscope.

The microscope is easy to use, it has an efficient and time saving assembly and can pride itself on the high productivity.

My favorite element of this microscope is the arm and how it reduces muscle and eyestrain, making viewing an easier and more satisfying experience. The arm allows you to adjust the height and distance of the microscope, meaning the microscope can adjust to where you want your head to be, rather than you straining your body to hover over the eyepiece.

This is great for those needing to use microscopes for longer periods of a time, as you won’t have to put up with the aches and pains usually associated with microscope viewing – meaning you can get the results you need at a relaxed angle.

Furthermore, Leica’s high resolution s extremely effective and makes for really positive viewing. Leica strives to create a perfect visualization, and they have done a fantastic task of ensuring this microscope is of a higher quality to its competitors.

The high resolution is created because of a fusion with FusionOptics, allowing you to have 100% more depth of the field.

The only real downside to this microscope is the price. I wouldn’t say that the microscope doesn’t offer value for money because the product is high tech and a truly amazing investment, but it may be out of budget for some people who cannot afford a microscope for this price.

Leica Microsystems Stage Microscope

Leica products are a guarantee of a superior quality – this microscope is no different.  The quality and viewing this microscope produces is amazing.

The Leica EZLite LED illumination can provide a clear light for over 20 years of usage, with 80% lower energy consumption than previous Leica models.

This microscope is incredibly portable and perfect for those budding hobbyists or biology students.  It is small, light and compact and requires no maintenance.

The lack of need to consistently care for this instrument makes it a perfect companion for those with little time on their hands. 

The same lenses are used in the higher-end Clinical Microscopes so it is no surprise that this microscope can produce sensational focus.

The only real negative is that the eyepiece can cause a bit of strain after a while of use. If the microscope is used consistently it can be a pain to constantly have to bend down to the eyepiece and examine. This is the only real negative in comparison with Leica’s higher end models, which allow for easier and more comfortable viewing through the arm stand.

Leica Microscope Buyers Guide

Leica Camera AG is an international business that specializes in the production of lenses, cameras and sport optic products.

Leica is very much a company that wants to help us see the world better.  They are a high-end company, creating top quality products to guarantee better image quality in all situations of the worlds visualization and perception.

In recent years, Leica has made significant advancements in the industry. This is all because Leica began to innovate and create products that were truly exceptional.  Creating new products, with massive advancements on rivals, it ensured that Leica was a company that was making a positive development.

This success has only created a drive to innovate further and for Leica to create only the best of lenses and optical devices.

Leica, a German company, aims to create a new dimension for human sight. They have always strived to create only the best products.  This is a brand that has been around for over 100 years, and every year has strived to increase the high standards, whilst continually developing new and exciting products in the field of visualization.

To me, Leica is a brand to trust. When buying a Leica product, you are paying for a product that has had to undergo rigorous testing and experiments to ensure you are paying for the best quality product they can produce. 

Leica prides itself on making their products a joy to use, so that we can enjoy our viewing experiences with Leica products. If Leica has created it, you know the product you’re going to get will be rich in quality and durability.  The Leica team ensures that with your purchase, you are truly getting value for money, as well as quality assurance.

Over 100 years ago, Leica successfully created the first 35mm camera to open up a whole new world for photography. This one invention created an amazing reformation of the photography world.  It didn’t stop there; Leica entered the digital era and have constantly tried to progress their products to make them the best to buy.

Why Choose A Leica Microscope?

Microscopes from Leica are a guarantee of quality. They meet all of the highest standards and are developed with the user in mind.  With a Leica microscope, you are getting a superior image quality, fast results and a beautiful cost effective machine.

The microscopes from Leica truly allow a different visual experience of the world, which we can’t see.  Most Leica microscopes are designed to meet the exact requirements of the job on hand, and are designed to make that job as easy as possible.

Whether the Leica microscope is used for commercial use, or whether it is being used in medical and science purposes, the Leica microscope will allow that job to be easier, more enjoyable and it will give an amazing performance- a performance that you can really rely on.

There is a reason why Leica is a dominating brand in the microscope industry, and that is because they produce the microscopes of a superior quality and with technology of a higher standard.

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