Celestron Microscopes – A Comprehensive Guide

Back in the 1950s Tom Johnson, an electronic engineer, was working in the electronics and military components industry, and built a telescope for his sons. This fascination with telescopes didn’t slow down and in the early 1960s he founded Celestron which began marketing a range of high-quality telescopes. 

Today, the company is a world famous brand that specializes in the optics industry, and is one of the leading manufacturers of telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes.

Celestron has always strived to be innovative

Celestron has always strived to be an innovator within the microscope industry, enabling them to become a world-famous brand. The Celestron brand became particularly prominent with the manufacture of the portable Celestron C8 telescope in 1970.  The C8 is typical of all that Celestron stand for – innovative, high quality, and with a superior performance.

The Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, of which the C8 is one [1], were the first Celestron products to really take the market by storm. This award-winning range of telescopes came in at an affordable price with a higher quality than its competitors.

In 2008, Celestron unveiled the first Handheld Digital Microscope (HDM) with a digital camera and LED illuminator built in. This microscope took away the hardship of long hours hunching over an eyepiece – a real game changer.

The Celestron brand has revolutionized telescopes and microscopes. They are used widely across the globe and are thought to be one of the best around.  Each of Celestron’s products has come from intense scientific research and is made with only the best of materials.

Celestron is definitely a high-end brand, and many of Celestron’s products won’t come cheap. Celestron tries to make their high-quality items more affordable, but they will still come at a price. Celestron is competing in a highly competitive market, and to stay on top they continue to develop their products.

They are pioneers. Celestron has developed a Lithium Phosphate battery that has significant advantages compared to its competitors,  making it perfect for those who need to use their instruments on the go.

Celestron boasts an amazing list of clients and their products have featured in hit TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and are used in high profile buildings such as The White House. In 2012 a Celestron telescope was launched into orbit on a Japanese rocket for installation at the International Space Station. 

The Celestron has been used on the ISS since 2010 and has been part of other space programs such as NASA.  This is a fine example of how high-tech and how high-end these products are.

Why Buy Celestron?

If you’re buying a Celestron, you know you’re getting a high-end product. Celestron design all of their products to be innovative and robust.

Celestron products are generally expensive but you are buying a product that is going to be of a superior quality, a product that has been rigorously tested and one you know will last you as long as possible.

If buying the best product is important to you, and you need the best possible microscope, then a Celestron has to be a brand you check out.  You will be opting for one of the world’s best brands in the optical industry, and their microscope will deliver the high-quality performance you are expecting.

Check out these Celestron Microscopes

Celestron LCD Digital Microscope 44341

This Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is a professional microscope designed by Celestron. The 44341 is a powerful digital microscope with a 5mp camera and includes a 1GB memory SD card, which makes it easy for you to capture amazing microscopic images and videos.

This package includes a camera with a nice 180-degree rotating full color 3.5″ LCD screen. The camera is beautifully made, coming in a nice packaging and is aesthetically pleasing. 

The best thing about this product is its simplicity – it is easy to setup and has a fully adjustable mechanical stage, which allows for easier slide movement.

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This microscope does come with its issues however, some people have found the camera struggles to focus properly.  Now, it is still able to see microorganisms clearly, but the camera struggles to zoom in close and really doesn’t live up to its “real-time” 5MP status. Furthermore, this camera has issues with its memory and the input of an SD card.

Whilst a lot of these cameras function without issue, it is not uncommon for the Celestron to not detect an SD card even though the SD card is inserted. Of course, this is a technical issue with the Celestron and should be sorted with ease by a Celestron professional.

The Celestron LCD digital Microscope is fantastic for educational purposes because of how easy it is to use and how professional the camera is. Although it has issues with the zoom, the LCD screen allows it to be a whole lot easier for viewing your examination, rather than hovering over an eyepiece.

Celestron 5MP InfiniView LCD Digital Microscope 44360

The Celestron 5MP InfiniView LCD Digital Microscope is a great tool for observing 3D specimens. With an absolutely fantastic 5MP camera, the LCD screen produces sharp and clear images. The rechargeable lithium battery makes it perfect for those needing a microscope on the go, lasting up to 2 hours. 

The Infiniview system includes an AV cable to connect with an external monitor, projector or TV screen for easy group viewing.

The quick setup guide that comes with this microscope makes everything easy from the start, no complicated setup or hassle. The camera is easy to use and ready to go.

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The value is definitely the best advantage of this microscope. It contains features that are on microscopes for twice the price – so you really get your money’s worth. This is a typical really high-quality Celestron microscope that gives you real value for your money.

The only real negative is that the zoom can be disappointing and increasing the magnification can be difficult. However, it is hard to look for flaws because this microscope is such a high quality for the price you pay.

Celestron Microscope Products

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