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The website began as a small and simple blog but has catapulted into the go-to microscope resource. Our aim is to provide expert opinions on microscopy products and other lab equipment that are available online and equip our users with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

About the Author

Jerry AdamsHello, my name is Jerry Adams and I founded Microscope Spot with the intention of providing a comprehensive resource about microscopes and their affiliated topics. The intended audience is wide ranging and so guidance provided on the site is sure to be helpful to the layman, hobbyist, student, and even the professional microscope user.

As a former student and current scientist that now has a career in the hematology field, I have routinely worked and operated a wide range of different microscopes. This has included standard light microscopes such as compound and stereomicroscopes to the more sophisticated electron microscopes.

Through my experiences and education, I have gained considerable knowledge in terms of microscope care, slide preparation, specimen analysis, and the underpinning theoretical understanding of optical equipment.

Therefore through my blog, I intend to share this knowledge and experience with a broader audience by producing relatable and understandable content so that anyone who wishes to pick up a microscope, for whatever reason, can do so with confidence.

Our Mission

Over the years, it has been made very apparent that there are a wide variety of microscopes available that vary tremendously in optical quality. Typically, this is related to their intended user, but the fact remains that this isn’t always made clear, which is a considerable issue, especially for the beginner. This factor alone is one of the major driving forces behind this site. I intend to help people know more about microscope optics and how to choose the right one for a wide range of different activities.

This includes student activities, in which case a “student microscope” would be most appropriate, as well as powerful microscopes designed for those that use them at a professional level.

If you feel that the website is missing any content in areas, feel free to get in touch. We are open to ideas and our main goal is to be the top resource for all microscope enthusiasts.

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