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The micro world is an amazing place, filled with wonder and the promise of truly world changing discoveries. In fact many scientific discoveries wouldn’t have been made without the aid of microscopes, in the modern world they are a necessity.

Many of us remember the first time we looked down a microscope as a child, and for many, it was this awe inspiring experience that triggered our curious minds to pursue knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

No matter how old you are, or your job, we never stop learning and that’s what makes life so wonderful. Whether you’re searching for the best kids microscope to carry out interactive learning activities, or a USB microscope for home use, we’re here to help you make an educated decision.

Buying any kind of microscope is never an easy task, these sophisticated tools are complicated and often equipped with a myriad of different features. No matter if if you’re a parent, pathologist, hobbyist or anything else in between, we’re here to provide trustworthy and top quality microscope reviews to help you on your way.

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In our microscope reviews you will find honest and practical information and guidance on a range of top rated microscopes. Additionally you will find buyers guides, which answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Best Microscopes for Kids – There are many important questions moms and dads have when buying a microscope for their children. This is the purpose of this article, it provides reviews of the best kids microscopes, as well as a guide taking you through various

USB Microscope Reviews – USB microscopes are a recent innovation that have opened up the micro world more than ever before, and with a USB microscope you can have an interactive experience at home for little cost. In this article, we review the best USB options, examine their features, cost and other important recommendations.

Pocket Microscopes – These mini microscopes are the first truly portable microscope that allow easy transport and maximum convenience. We review the best pocket microscopes, the pros and cons, what features to watch out for and what to avoid.

Compound Microscopes – These highly sophisticated microscopes provides high powered imaging and as a result are the go to microscope for the researcher and other professionals. In this article we review the top 3 compound microscopes and delve into the best features, what to avoid and what else to consider when choosing between different models and brands.

Stereo Microscopes – The stereo microscope is a low magnification option, providing a 3D observation of an object. See how they work, what they’re used for and how to choose the best models.

Top Microscope Articles

Here are the most popular microscope articles you’ll find on the site, whether you want to know how microscopes work, their history or what they are used for, you’re sure to find your answers here.

The History of Optical Microscopes – Surprisingly microscopes were not invented overnight, in fact the development of the modern microscope was a very gradual process of experimentation and innovation.

Find out who you should be thanking for the convenience of your microscope, and how they made the various discoveries responsible their creation.

How to Clean Your Microscope – Cleaning your microscope is essential to its longevity, learn exactly how you should be taking care of your microscope and most importantly how to clean the delicate optics.

Different Types of Laboratory Microscopes and Their Functions – We’ve all seen a microscope and used them at school to carry out various theory based activities, but what are they used for in laboratories? Find out.

Disadvantages of Electron Microscopes – Electron microscopes are the most powerful microscopes ever constructed and can achieve mind blowing magnifications and resolution power. However nothing is ever perfect, find out what their drawbacks are.

What is an Electron Microscope? – If you don’t know what an electron microscope is, or how it works find out in this in depth guide.

Best Science Kit For Kids – Learn about what’s on offer in the world of science education, whether your homeschooling or want to have some science funsco